This past week at SXSW, it was first reported that Tyler the creator (in an attempt to help all of his fans see his performance) had directed the crowd to PUSH! As seen in the video below, all hell broke loose as fans started pushing and shoving.

An article from stated:

“This has been a tough SXSW, Tyler’s little riot (which was intended to be good fun) being the least of the problems the festival had this year, considering the senseless drunk driving accident which soured the entire, normally joyful, event. Tyler took to twitter after getting bailed out to release some statements regarding his concern that the news regarding his arrest was getting needlessly tied to the tragic drunk driving events which claimed a life. Always one to speak his mind, Tyler made some direct statements regarding his concerns in the tweets below”.

(Here is Tyler referring to the drunk driver that plowed through a crowd at SXSW, killing and injuring multiple people).