Divorces can get pretty ugly, especially when the reason is your looks, as happened to one Chinese woman, who had plastic surgery before her wedding, and was sued by her husband.

Jian Feng divorced and sued his “beautiful” wife for around £75,000 and won, because she had deceived him into believing her good looks were all natural, when they had been fashioned from a surgeon’s scalpel.

Feng told a court in China he had been deeply in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl.Gazing into his baby daughter’s eyes, Feng was repulsed.He described his child as horrifically ugly, with no resemblance to him or his wife.

Feng immediately suspected his wife of having an affair, incredulous at the possibility that he could have spawned such an offspring.

His wife was forced to confess that before her marriage, she had spent £60,000 on plastic surgery in South Korea, and looked completely different to how she was born.The judge agreed that Feng’s wife had indeed deceived him into marriage under false pretences, and awarded him compensation.