21 Questions with BIG MEECH

Allhiphop.com conducted an interview with the incarcerated BIG MEECH.  All credit to this interview goes to ALLHIPHOP.COM

Photograph of Big Meech next to his BMF family logo.

“Big Meech was once the biggest cocaine kingpin in America. The United States government alleged in his notorious 2005 indictment that the Black Mafia Family (BMF) had generated over $270 million in drug sales. In fact, in addition to his incarceration, Meech has been ordered to repay $270 million, virtually guaranteeing that he will never earn an income from his infamy.

He’s now incarcerated under a 23-hour lockdown. Unable to have phone calls or visits until early 2013. However, he does receive dozens of letters regularly. And he answers them.

When AllHipHop.com interviewed BMF founder, Big Meech’s ex-girlfriend, Sabrina Peterson, we expected to learn a little more about the man behind the myth. Little did we know, we would learn it from the man himself. The BMF boss cleared up a few inaccuracies in the Peterson story. For example, there were only 20-25 inmates in his former prison with BMF tattoos, and he has not been incarcerated for four years, but seven. After hearing about and getting a copy of our interview with Peterson, Big Meech wrote AllHipHop.com to tell his story”.